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Target Group: Neustrelitz, Germany
Marco Schwerdt (
Contact Details

Dr.-Ing. Marco Schwerdt
Head of the Calibration Group
German Aerospace Center
Microwaves and Radar Institute, Satellite SAR Systems
Tel.: +49 8153 28-3533
Fax: +49 8153 28-1449

Further Information
There are four permanently installed 1.5 m trihedral corner reflectors at DLR's site at Neustrelitz, north Germany. These targets are primarily used for long-term system monitoring of TerraSAR-X.
Targets in Target Group 
This target group contains the following 4 point targets:

- D33 (Trihedral corner reflector (1.5 m) @ D33)
- D34 (Trihedral corner reflector (1.5 m) @ D34)
- D35 (Trihedral corner reflector (1.5 m) @ D35)
- D36 (Trihedral corner reflector (1.5 m) @ D36)