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CEOS-IVOS Libya-4 Workshop

Paris, France. 4-5 October 2012



In the context of CEOS IVOS, the pseudo-invariant Libya-4 desert site is commonly used by several teams. A special workshop fully dedicated to the use of Libya-4  site for calibration purposes was organised by CNES in Paris on 4th and 5th October 2012.

The main topics were studies on "site characterization" (morphology, homogeneity, spectral behaviour, stability, BRDF) and on "calibration results" (inter-calibration, calibration monitoring....)

Presentation are made available below:



October, 4, 2012

DAY 1 - Download all the presentations (.rar)

 Title  Author
 1. Introduction and Welcome  P. Henry
 2. Libya 4 Community Workshop  N. Fox
 3. Accuracy and Precision Requirements for Climate-Level Data Sets  K. Thome
 4. General Characteristics of Libya-4  P. Henry
 5. Libya 4 - Measurement and Modelling  S. Mackin
 6. An Empirical Absolute Calibration Model using Libya 4  D. Helder
 7. A Libya-4 Directional Model Based on POLDER/PARASOL Data  S. Lachèrade
 8. Simulated Top-of-Atmosphere BRF over Libya-4 as Absolute Calibration Reference  Y. Govaerts
 9. Using Ground Targets for Sensos On-Orbit Calibration Support  X. Xiong
 10. Use of Spectrometer Data over Libya-4 Site  D. Smith
 11. Cloud Screening of desert site data using METRIC   L. Bourg
 12. Post-filtering of SADE reference data over Libya-4 Desert  V. Bruniquel

October, 5, 2012

DAY 2 - Download all the presentations (.rar)

 Title  Author
 1. Libya-4 and DIMITRI  M. Bouvet
 2. Preparation of radiometric continuity of VGT data  F. Viallefont
 3. SADE, a multi-sensor Calibration Data Repository  P. Henry
 4. The CNES Intercalibration Method over Desert Sites  S. Lachèrade
 5. Matchup Strategy for Sensors Cross Calibration  S. Angeli-Bergantz
 6. Use of Libya-4 site as a calibration reference for (A)ATSR and SLSTR  D. Smith
 7. Cross-Calibration using Libya-4 and other desert sites  F. Betrand
 8. Cross-Calibration - Libya 4  S. Mackin
 9. Trending Landsat Calibration Using Libya 4  D. Helder
 10. The SEVIRI Solar Channel Calibration System: A vicarious calibration algorithm for the Meteosat imagers, using desert targets  S. Wagner
 11. The Operational VGT Calibration using Pseudo Invariant Desert Sites  P. Henry
 12. The OSCAR Facility for the PROBA-V mission  S. Sterckx
 13. CEOS IVOS WG4 Intercomparisons  M. Bouvet