CEOS WGCV IVOS workshop: To identify, quantify and verify the post-launch performance and relative biases of Earth Observation sensors  

Hosted by:
Joint Research Centre (JRC), Ispra, Italy 
October 18 – 20, 2010 


1.    To carry out a detailed review of the results of sensor-to-sensor (optical imager) comparisons with emphasis on the outcome of the recent CEOS land based intercomparison/intercalibration exercises carried out using Dome C and Tuz-Golu but also others as appropriate (including bi-laterals) over the last decade or so.

-    To agree upon the relative biases in radiometric gain, between 
in-flight sensors and publish as CEOS endorsed values (bias correction factors) for a set of "standard conditions". 
-    To agree on optimum procedures/strategy to ensure long-term stability of sensor performance characteristics and their relationship with observations of other sensors: past, present and future, with a view to serving the needs of the CEOS virtual constellations, GEOSS and QA4EO. 

2.    To review existing and conceptual limitations to the uncertainty achievable in the post-launch calibration/validation of sensors through use of vicarious methods (Land and Ocean), and to identify priorities for the research efforts of the community and facilitate international collaboration in achieving them