October, 20, 2010 (Day 3)

Measurement uncertainties in vicarious calibration of Ocean colour sensors  
Vicarious Calibration of Ocean Colour Sensors (F. Melin, JRC and S. Bailey, NASA) 9.00
Uncertainties of in situ ocean colour radiometric measurements (C. Johnson, NIST) 9.30
Ocean Colour Test-Sites  
MOBY Vicarious-Calibration Site (M. Feinholz, California State University) 10.50
BOUSSOLE Vicarious-Calibration Site (D. Antoine, LOV) 11.20
AERONET-OC Validation Site (G. Zibordi, JRC) 11.50
The Way Forward  
Past, present and future Post-launch calibration and validation (P. Teillet, Univ of Lethbridge) 14.00
Summary of workshop to date: Land and OC 14.30