Hyperspectral Cal/Val Resources

Hyperspectral Cal/Val Resources: Introduction

The "Hyperspectral Cal/Val Resources" document was created following the request made to the CEOS for guidance on Cal/Val hyperspectral reference instrumentation for: land, coastal and open ocean measurements with the aim of having a coordinated global network for all satellite missions with hyperspectral sensors on board.
A spaceborne hyperspectral imaging sensor is an advanced spaceborne optical sensor that captures high spectral resolution images of the Earth's surface in many contiguous bands across the electromagnetic spectrum, typically between the visible to shortwave infrared ranges. The data collected by spaceborne hyperspectral imaging sensors are used in a wide range of applications, including environmental monitoring, agriculture, forestry, and non-renewable resources exploration and extraction. The list of hyperspectral missions is growing rapidly with new missions being launched by countries around the world.
In general Cal/Val activities for a Hyperspectral Mission will include the elements (Methods, Protocols and standards; Network and Instruments; Campaign; Intercomarison exercises and Cal/Val Analysis) sketched in the figure below:

Please download the Hyperspectral Cal/Val Resources document by CEOS WGCV available here

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The WGCV-52 presentation "Hyperspectral Cal/Val Resources" is available here


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