FRMs Assessment Framework

Roadmap towards an Assessment Framework for CEOS-Fiducial Reference Measurements (FRMs)

In recent years, the concept of a Fiducial Reference Measurement (FRM) has been developed to highlight the need for precise and well-characterised measurements tailored explicitly to the post-launch calibration and validation (Cal/Val) of Earth observation satellite missions. The confidence that stems from robust, unambiguous uncertainty assessment of space observations is fundamental to assessing the changes in the Earth system and climate model prediction and delivering the essential evidence-based input for policy makers and society striving to mitigate and adapt to climate change (see e.g. Goryl, P.; Fox, N.; Donlon, C.; Castracane, P. Fiducial Reference Measurements (FRMs): What Are They? Remote Sens. 2023, 15, 5017.
Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) Working Group Cal/Val (WGCV) is now putting in place a framework to assess the maturity and compliance of a ‘Cal/Val reference measurement’ in terms of a set of community-agreed criteria which define it to be of CEOS-FRM quality. The assessment process is based on a maturity matrix that provides a visual assessment of the state of any FRM against each of a set of given criteria, making visible where it is mature and where evolution and effort are still needed. The following document provides the overarching definition of what constitutes an FRM and introduces the new CEOS-FRM assessment framework.


Please download the "FRM Assessment Framework" document by CEOS WGCV available here

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The CEOS WGCV-52 presentation "FRM Assessment Framework" is available here

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