ASF Corner Reflectors


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  • The Committee on Earth Observation Satellites
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Target Group: – ASF corner reflector
Franz Meyer (
Contact Details

Dr. Franz J. Meyer
Earth & Planetary Remote Sensing
Geophysical Institute University of Alaska Fairbanks
903 Koyukuk Dr., Fairbanks, Alaska, 99775
Phone: +1-907-474-7767
Fax: +1-907-474-6441
URL: ""

The target group consists of 10 corner reflectors (four 2.5m and six 3m corner reflectors) located in Alaska. These targets are primarily used for ALOS. The alignment of the corner reflectors is changed frequently. For information concerning the alignment of the corner reflectors please contact the maintainer.
Targets in Target Group 
This target group contains the following 10 point targets:

- DJR-25 (Gerstle River) (Trihedral corner reflector (3 m) @ DJR-25 (Gerstle River))
- DJR-26 (Panoramic) (Trihedral corner reflector (2.5 m) @ DJR-26 (Panoramic))
- DJR-28 (Theuinger) (Trihedral corner reflector (2.5 m) @ DJR-28 (Theuinger))
- DJR-29 (Shultz) (Trihedral corner reflector (3 m) @ DJR-29 (Shultz))
- DJR-31 (Black) (Trihedral corner reflector (2.5 m) @ DJR-31 (Black))
- DJR-32 (UAF Ag Farm) (Trihedral corner reflector (3 m) @ DJR-32 (UAF Ag Farm))
- DJR-34 (Test Track) (Trihedral corner reflector (3 m) @ DJR-34 (Test Track))
- DJR-4 (Donnely Dome) (Trihedral corner reflector (2.5 m) @ DJR-4 (Donnely Dome))
- FBK-1 (T-Field) (Trihedral corner reflector (3 m) @ FBK-1 (T-Field))
- FBK-3 (Quist) (Trihedral corner reflector (3 m) @ FBK-3 (Quist)).