Lake Tüz Golu

Lake Tuz (Turkish: Tuz Gölü meaning Salt Lake) is the second biggest lake in Turkey, located in the Central Anatolia Region, 105 km Northeast of Konya and 150 km South-southeast of Ankara.
It is the second largest lake in Turkey but its surface and water level vary according to the seasons.
It reaches its higher level, 1-2 m/3-6 inches at the end of winter, and in summer after evaporation the lake dries out and a wide marsh covered with a 30cm/12 inches salt layer forms. Due to its high salinity (33%), 300 thousand tons of salt are obtained per year.

The evaporates are mainly halite and gypsum, with minor amounts of polyhalite and coelestine. No vegetation in the salt flat. But arable fields and salt-steppes surround the lake. Salt mines and saltwork pools operating in the lake.

As a natural reserve area, the site is well protected. There is virtually no vegetation in the salt flat but arable fields and salt-steppes surround it. There are salt mines and salt work pools operating at the margins of the lake.

Lake Tuz Golu, located at 38.83 N, 33.33 E, is a Salt Lake used for Absolute Radiometric Calibration

It is one of the CEOS LANDNET Sites. The site is managed by TUBITAK UZAY ; for more detailed information regarding the site, the point of contact is Hilal Ozen (

Instruments on the Test Site

The site is instrumented with an automatic weather station, GPS, DGPS, ASD FieldSpec3 spectrometer and an automatic sunphotometer. All the meteorological instrumentation is available to all research groups taking part in ground campaigns

The Test Site is equipped with:


Climatological Data for Tuz Golu[1]

Parameter Mean Std Dev Min Max Max-Min (Max-Min)/Mean CV
Cloud Fraction (%)  0.4265 0.2674 0.0475 0.7665 0.7090  1.6623  0.6269
Water Vapour Content (g/cm2) 1.05852 0.5416 0.4850 2.0730 1.5880 1.5007 0.5118
Precipitation (mm/day) 1.4171 0.9679 0.0940 3.4676 3.3736 2.3806 0.6830
Ozone Content (Dobson) 322.8667 29.3840 290.2000 381.5000 91.3000 0.2828 0.0910



Temporal Variability of Cloud Fraction: on the X axis scale is one year (Jan-Dec); on the Y axis scale is the fraction 0-1
Temporal Variability of Water Vapour Content: X axis scale is one year (Jan-Dec); Y axis scale is 0-6 g/cm2
Temporal Variability of Precipitation. X axis scale is one year (Jan-Dec); Y axis scale is 0-10 mm/day
Temporal Variability of Ozone Content. X axis is one year (Jan-Dec); Y axis is 0-500 Dobson
Spectral Temporal Variability



[1] Lake Tuz-Gölü Tubitak Uzay Brochure - PDF

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[4] QA4EO Questionnaire on Tuz Golu Lake - PDF


USGS Tuz Golu Web Page


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[1] WP230 - Site Characterization from Climatological Dataset