Document Name PDF Author(s) Description
Survey Protocol for Geometric SAR Sensor Analysis pdf U.Balss et al. This technical note (DLR-FRM4SAR-TN-200,Issue 1.4 ,2018-04-26) aims at defining a protocol for performing the measurements and corrections for a proper survey
Corner Reflector Deployment for SAR Geometric Calibration and Performance Assessment pdf A.Schubert et al. This technical note (UZH-FRM4SAR-TN-100, Issue 1.03, 2018-08-22) aims at explaining how to deploy a proper site based on Corner Reflectors
Retrieval of the aerosol phase function from CIMEL C138 measurements pdf F. Zagolski et al. The objective here is to describe the different steps required to process the CIMEL data in order to derive the aerosol phase function.
Introducing the IOP in the 6S code pdf R.Santer This document describes how to input the aerosol IOPs in the 6S.
Best Practice Guidelines for Pre-Launch Characterization and Calibration of Instruments for PAssive Optical Remote Sensing pdf R. U. Datla et al. The pre-launch characterization and calibration of remote sensing instruments should be planned and carried out in conjunction with their design and development to meet the mission requirement.
Optical Sensors High Resolution Geometry Validation Methodology pdf A. Gruen et al. Validation of Geometry for High Resolution Optical Sensors.