CEOS Cal/Val Portal explanation

The CEOS Cal/Val Portal:
Calibration and Validation activities
around space-borne sensors.
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The CEOS CalVal portal serves as the main forum for exchange and information sharing for the CEOS Working Group on Calibration and Validation. In additions, it provides access to agreed good practices and Cal/Val protocols to the wider Earth Observation community within CEOS and beyond. It connects users to reference data and networks and provides reliable, up-to-date and user friendly information useful for Cal/Val tasks, facilitating data interoperability and performance assessment through an operational CEOS coordinated & internationally harmonised Cal/Val infrastructure consistent with QA4EO principles.


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The Surface Reflectance Inter-comparison eXercise for Vegetation (SRIX4VEG) - 2st Workshop

We are pleased to announce the second workshop for the Surface Reflectance Intercomparison eXercise for Vegetation (SRIX4Veg), which will take place at ESA ESRIN on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th November 2023 (with a hybrid option available for those that cannot travel). SRIX4Veg represents a joint effort between ESA, USGS, CSIRO, DLR, ASI and Geoscience Australia to test user-based differences in UAV-based surface reflectance fiducial reference measurements used for validation of surface reflectance satellite products, and to ensure consensus on UAV-based surface reflectance validation good practices protocol. This activity is endorsed by the Committee on Earth Observation Satellites (CEOS) and conducted in the framework of the ESA-funded FRM4Veg initiative.

The aim of the second workshop is twofold:

  • present to the community the results from the SRIX4Veg activity in Spain during summer 2022
  • gather feedback from the community and shape the good practice protocol for surface reflectance validation from UAV-mounted hyperspectral imagers

The first day will provide a recap of the activity, results from the experiments and lessons learnt. The second day will be dedicated to shaping the good practice protocol through discussions and feedback. Detail agenda will be released closer to the time.

Please register your interest for the workshop using this Link.