CEOS Cal/Val Portal explanation

The CEOS Cal/Val Portal:
Calibration and Validation activities
around space-borne sensors.
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The CEOS CalVal portal serves as the main forum for exchange and information sharing for the CEOS Working Group on Calibration and Validation. In additions, it provides access to agreed good practices and Cal/Val protocols to the wider Earth Observation community within CEOS and beyond. It connects users to reference data and networks and provides reliable, up-to-date and user friendly information useful for Cal/Val tasks, facilitating data interoperability and performance assessment through an operational CEOS coordinated & internationally harmonised Cal/Val infrastructure consistent with QA4EO principles.


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QA4SM Evolution in FRM4SM presented at sixth Soil Moisture Validation Workshop


The Quality Assurance for Soil Moisture (QA4SM) service aims to provide a methodological reference and an application tool for Soil Moisture (SM) validation studies at the disposal of the users and producers community. QA4SM was originally created with support of the Austrian Space Application Program. It is further evolved in the ESA Fiducial Reference Measurements for Soil Moisture (FRM4SM) project, with the goal to make use of FRM-compliant reference data and better characterize errors in satellite SM measurements. This first evolution of the QA4SM service is now presented at the sixth Soil Moisture Validation Workshop that is held in Perugia, Italy, from 7 to 9 June 2022.

Please visit the webpage at the following link for further details: QA4SM Evolution in FRM4SM