The Landsat Thematic Mapper (TM), a sensor carried onboard Landsats 4 and 5, has acquired images of the Earth nearly continuously from July 1982 to the present with a 16-day repeat cycle.

Landsat TM image data files consist of seven spectral bands (band designations). The resolution is 30 meters for Bands 1-5, and Band 7. Band 6 resolution (thermal infrared) is a collected 120 meters, but is resampled to 30 meters. The approximate scene size is 170 km north-south by 183 km east-west. 


Status: Operational
Satellite Landsat-5
Launch Date: May 2984
Type: High resolution optical image
Measurements and Applications: Measures surface radiance and emittance, lands cover state and change (eg vegetation type). Used as multipurpose imagery for land applications

Technical Characteristics

Resolution: 30 m
N. of Bands: 7
Wavebands: VIS - TIR: 0.45 - 12.5 ┬Ám
Swath: 185 km


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