Panchromatic Remote sensing Instrument for Stereo Mapping (PRISM)  is one of the major instruments of ALOS. It has three independent catoptrical systems for nadir, forward and backward looking to achieve along-track stereoscope. Each telescope consists of three mirrors and several CCD detectors for push-broom scanning.

Nadir-looking telescope provides 70 km width coverage and forward and backward telescopes provide 35 km width coverage each. Forward and backward telescopes are inclined about +-24 degrees from nadir to realize base to height ratio = 1. Its 2.5-meter resolution data will be used for extracting highly accurate digital elevation model (DEM).


Status: Operational
Satellite ALOS
Launch Date: January 2006
Type: High resolution optical imager
Measurements and Applications: High resolution panchromatic stereo imager for land applications which include cartography, digital terrain models, civil planning, agriculture and forestry

Technical Characteristics

Resolution: 2.5 m
N. of Bands: 1
Wavebands: VIR - NIR : 0.52 - 0.77 ┬Ám
Swath: 70 km




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