The MSI (Multi Spectral Imager) is a pushbroom style imager which images the earth in 5 spectral bands over a 80 km swath at 6.5 m resolution (at nadir). The collector optics image onto five parallel linear 12K pixel CCD detectors. Options for the collector optics include both three mirror anastigmat (TMA) and catadioptric designs. The design requirements for the optical camera are well within what has already been demonstrated for similar systems. The required aperture is approximately 150 mm. The CCD will be selected from 3 candidate manufacturers, where this is a heritage product for each manufacturer. Filters, placed in close proximity to each CCD, separate the spectral imaging bands.


Status: Operational
Satellite RapidEye
Launch Date: August 2008
Type: High Resolution Optical Imager
Measurements and Applications: High resolution images with short observing cycle for commercial and scientific applications

Technical Characteristics

Resolution: 6.5 m
N. of Bands: 5
Wavebands: VIS - NIR : 440 - 850 ยตm
Swath: 78 km




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