Advanced Along-Track Scanning Radiometer (AATSR) is one of the Announcement of Opportunity (AO) instruments on board the European Space Agency (ESA) satellite ENVISAT. It is the most recent in a series of instruments designed primarily to measure Sea Surface Temperature (SST), following on from ATSR-1 and ATSR-2 on board ERS-1 and ERS-2. AATSR data have a resolution of 1 km at nadir, and are derived from measurements of reflected and emitted radiation taken at the following wavelengths: 0.55 µm, 0.66 µm, 0.87 µm, 1.6 µm, 3.7 µm, 11 µm and 12 µm.

Special features of the AATSR instrument include its use of a conical scan to give a dual-view of the Earth's surface, on-board calibration targets and use of mechanical coolers to maintain the thermal environment necessary for optimal operation of the infrared detectors.


Status: Operational
Satellite ENVISAT
Launch Date: March 2002
Type: Imaging multi-spectral radiometers (vis/IR) & Multiple direction/polarisation radiometers
Measurements and Applications: Measurements of sea surface temperature, land surface temperature, cloud top temperature, cloud cover, aerosols, vegetation, atmospheric water vapour and liquid water content

Technical Characteristics

Resolution: 1 km
N. of Bands: 7

VIS - NIR: 0.555 µm, 0.659 µm, 0.865 µm,
SWIR: 1.6 µm,
MWIR: 3.7 µm,
TIR: 10.85 µm, 12 µm

Swath: 500 km


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ENVISAT Handbook http://envisat.esa.int/handbooks/
AATSR ESA Handbook http://envisat.esa.int/handbooks/aatsr/CNTR3.htm
University of Leicester - AATSR Page http://www.leos.le.ac.uk/aatsr/


AATSR: Instrument Information

General Information

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Spectral Response Function Information

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