The AWiFS (Advanced Wide Field Sensor) camera provides enhanced capabilities compared to the WiFS camera on-board IRS-1C/1D, in terms of spatial resolution (56 m Vs 188m), radiometric resolution (10 bits Vs 7 bits) and Spectral bands (4 Vs 2) with the additional feature of on-board detector calibration using LEDs. The spectral bands of AWiFS are same as LISS-III.

The AWiFS camera is realized in two electro-optic modules viz.,. AWiFS-A and AWiFS-B, each containing four band assemblies. A combined swath of 740 Km is realized by mounting the two modules on the Deck, with their optical axes tilted by 11.94 deg away from the + yaw axis in opposite direction. With this mounting, a side lap of 128 pixels i.e., about 7.2kKm, is available in the combined swath.


Status: Operational
Satellite IRS-P6
Launch Date: October 2003
Type: Two parallel radiometers, 4 VIS/NIR/SWIR channels
Measurements and Applications: Vegetation and crop monitoring, resource assessment (regional scale), forest mapping, land cover/ land use mapping, and change detection

Technical Characteristics

Resolution: 55 m
N. of Bands: 4

VIS: 0.52 - 0.68 µm,
NIR: 0.77 - 0.86 µm,
SWIR: 1.55 - 1.7 µm

Swath: 730 km




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