The AMSR-E (Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometer - EOS) is a conically scanning total power passive microwave radiometer sensing microwave radiation (brightness temperatures) at 12 channels and 6 frequencies ranging from 6.9 to 89.0 GHz. Horizontally and vertically polarized radiation are measured separately at each frequency. There are 2 separate horns at 89 GHz, one being slightly offset from the centerline of the feedhorn array. (As of 25 October 2004, there are no data from the 89 GHz horn A. The science algorithms have been modified to take this into account).

The AMSR-E instrument (Figure 1) modified from the design used for the ADEOS-II AMSR, has an offset parabolic reflector 1.6 meters in diameter. Figure 2 shows the Aqua satellite with AMSR-E mounted in front. The atmospheric radiation is focused by the main reflector into an array of six feedhorns (Figure 3), which then feed the radiation to the detectors


Status: Operational
Satellite Aqua
Launch Date: May 2002
Type: Imaging multi-spectral radiometers (passive microwave)
Measurements and Applications: Measurements of water vapour, cloud liquid water, precipitation, winds, sea surface temperature, sea ice concentration, snow cover and soil moisture

Technical Characteristics

Resolution: 5 - 50 km
N. of Bands: 6
Wavebands: Microwave: 6.925 - 89.0 GHz
Swath: 1445 km 




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