CalVal Informative Links

The tables below contain links to web sites focussing on calibration/validation relevant subjects.

This list will evolve continuously over time. If you feel that links are missing, please feel free to use the feedback functionality of the CalValPortal to submit your suggestions.

General Topics

Link Description
CEOS Home CEOS Home Page
IVOS Home CEOS/IVOS (Infrared and Visible Optival Sensors) Subgroup
World-Wide Test Sites USGS Catalog of World-wide Test Sites for Sensor Characterization
GIS Cal/Val GIS Calibration and Validation of Satellite Measurements
STAR - Cal/Val System STAR - Integrated Satellite Instrument Calibration/Validation System
MICROS Monitoring of IR Clear-sky Radiances over Oceans for SST (MICROS) is a web-based near-real time tool developed at NOAA/NESDIS for validation of clear-sky radiances over oceans from multiple AVHRR sensors onboard NOAA and Metop platform



Link Description
CCRS Canada Centre for Remote Sensing - Calibration/Validation
CIRA/Colorado State University CIRA/Colorado State University - Instrument Calibration/Validation
STAR - Home Center for Satellite Applications and Research (STAR)
NOAA - Meteorological Sensors NOAA - Calibration of operational meteorological sensors
NESDIS/NOAA National Enviromental Satellite, Data and Information Service



Link Description
NCAVEO Home NCAVEO - Network on Calibration and Validation of EO Data
GSICS WMO Global Space-based Inter-Calibration System (GSICS)
OceanColour Validation OceanColour Validation Page
Medspiration Home Medspiration Project for Precise Sea Surface Temperature
SQUAM NOAA - Sea Surface Temperature Quality Monitoring
iQUAM NOAA - In situ Sea Surface Temperature Quality Monitor


IVOS (Infrared and Visible Optical Sensors)

Link Description
MODIS Calibration MODIS Calibration
SeaWiFS Calibration SeaWiFS On-Orbit Calibration Page


Microwave Instruments

Link Description
ESA-SMOS Living Planet Programme - SMOS - ESA's water mission
ESA SMOS Dissemination Service ESA SMOS Online Dissemination Service


SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar)

Link Description
ASF Alaska Satellite Facility - SAR Data Calibration


Publication Lists

Link Description
EUMETSAT - Publications EUMETSAT - Publications and Annual Reports
CGMS The Coordination Group for Meteorological Satellites


Web Link Lists

Link Description
WGCV Cal/Val WGCV Calibration/Validation Links
ESA/Envisat Cal/Val Calibration/Validation Links related to Envisat