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28 Exploitation of the CEOS PICS for Vicarious Calibration of Optical Imagers
M. Bouvet ; ESA
27 Sentinel-2 MSI and Sentinel-3 OLCI radiometry vicarious-validation status
Bahjat Alhammoud with support from S2MPC, S3MPC & DIMITRI teams; ARGANS, ACRI ST, CS
26 Recommendations from various CEOS WGCV IVOS related workshops
Nigel Fox, NPL
25 Intercomparison of Sentinel-2 Landsat-8 and others using the Radiometric Calibration Test Site
Jeffrey Czapla-Myers, Nikolaus Anderson, Kurtis Thome, Brian Wenny, and Stuart Biggar; U. of Arizona, NASA, SSAI
24 TNO Satellite Pre-Flight Calibration Facilities
R.C. Snel ; TNO
23 Vicarious calibration for off-nadir sensors using the MODIS-brf surface product
Carol Bruegge, Shanshan Yu; JPL
22 CEOS-WGCV-IVOS MTF comparison
F.Viallefont-Robinet and the MTF project team ONERA
21 PICSCAR 94.4k
20 EROS CalValLandsat Update
Cody Anderson, Ron Morfitt, Esad Micijevic, Obaidul Haque, Jim Storey, Mike Choate, Mark Lubke, Rajagopalan Rengarajan, Aparajithan Sampath SGT contractor to USGS, USGS
18 Low cost high resolution imagers in the IVOS framework
Juan Fernandez; SURREY
17 The Sentinel-3(A) Mission Mission Radiometric Calibration Status
Steffen Dransfeld (ESA), Ludovic Bourg, Dave Smith, Mireya Etxaluze (S3 MPC)
16 JAXA Optical Sensors
Hiroshi Murakami; JAXA/EORC
15 RadCalNet Status
M. Bouvet on behalf of the RadCalNet WG
14 Vocabulary WG report
Vocabulary WG reportEmma Woolliams, NPL
13 Generating Harmonised Fundamental Climate Data Records
Sam Hunt, Peter Harris, Ralf Quast, Jon Mittaz, Ralf Giering & Emma Woolliams NPL, FastOpt GmbH, University of Reading
12 China Space-borne Radiometric Calibration Benchmark System Project MOST
Lingling Ma, Na Xu, ChuanrongLi, Ning Wang, CaixiaGao Academy of Opto-Electronics (AOE), Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), National Satellite Meteorological Centre (NSMC), China Meteorological Administration (CMA)
11 Requirements for accurate radiative transfer simulation to support vicarious calibration
Yves Govaertsand Vincent Leroy Rayference
10 Pleiades High Resolution Optical Sensors Calibration Based On Stars
A. Meygret, G. Blanchet, C. Latry, L. Gross-Colzy, S. Colzy, A. Kelbert CNES, THALES, CAPGEMINI
09 Outcome of the Second Joint GSICS-IVOS Lunar Calibration Workshop
S. Wagner (EUMETSAT), T. Stone (USGS), X. Hu (CMA), S. Wang (XIOPM), X. Wu (NOAA), X. Xiong (NASA)
08 Lunar irradiance measurement and modelling for absolute radiometric calibration of EO sensors
M. Bouvet (ESA), Emma Woolliams (NPL), Claire Greenwell (NPL), Maria Garcia Miranda (NPL), Carlos Toledano(Univ. Valladolid), Alberto Berjón (Univ. Valladolid), África Baretto (Univ. Valladolid), Stefan Adriaensen (VITO)
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