Ivanpah Playa

It is one of the CEOS LANDNET Sites. The site is managed by NASA; for more detailed information regarding the site, the point of contact is Kurtis Thome (kurtis.thome@nasa.gov)

Instruments on the Test Site




Climatological Data for Ivanpah Playa

Parameter Mean Std Dev Min Max Max-Min (Max-Min)/Mean CV
Cloud Fraction (%) 0.2739 0.1576 0.0866 0.5354 0.4488 1.6383 0.5754
Water Vapour Content (g/cm2)  1.1353 0.6241 0.5820 2.4110 1.8290 1.6110 0.5497
Precipitation (mm/day)  0.3343  0.2334 0.0502 0.7723 0.7221 2.1597 0.6980
Ozone Content (Dobson) 319.3917 30.6037 283.2000 375.8000 92.6000 0.2899 0.0958



Temporal Variability of Cloud Fraction: on the X axis scale is one year (Jan-Dec); on the Y axis scale is the fraction 0-1
Temporal Variability of Water Vapour Content: X axis scale is one year (Jan-Dec); Y axis scale is 0-6 g/cm2
Temporal Variability of Precipitation. X axis scale is one year (Jan-Dec); Y axis scale is 0-10 mm/day
Temporal Variability of Ozone Content. X axis is one year (Jan-Dec); Y axis is 0-500 Dobson
Spectral Temporal Variability  







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[1] WP230 - Site Characterization from Climatological Dataset