Calibration Method Requirements

Document Name PDF Author(s) Description
Calibration Requirements Consolidation PDF R.Santer Report on current practices of sensor calibration, covering: (a)Requirements of IVOS calibration (b)Methodology (c)In-Situ measurements and RTC
Calibration Requirements Consolidation, annex PDF R.Santer This short note presents the synthesis of the calibration work, performed between 1996 and 2002, in four distinct measurements campaigns, on the MERIS on-board diffusers and additional Spectralon diffusers dedicated to the calibration of MERIS. Additionally, the results of the ESA study Enhancement of diffusers BRDF Accuracy performedat TNO in 2004-2005 are displayed.
Required information on the sensor for running 6S PDF R.Santer This short note describes the pieces of information needed for a given satellite sensor to use 6S.