How to run a validation exercise

 How to run a validation exercise (download pdf)


To run an OLIVE validation exercise, go on the Run a Validation exercise page, then choose the products you want to compare using the pop up menu. The product description and associated QA (Quality Assesment) possible values are provided here.


For each product, the user is invited to choose different characteristics, the QA threshold required for each variable and the type of graphics that are produced by OLIVE.

Start year/ End year: this defines the period during which the product will be evaluated. For example, temporal profiles will be generated for the whole period. However, for example, scatterplots between products will be only generated if there is a common period between the different products that are chosen.
Line colour : all the results concerning this product will be plotted using this line colour (to be chosen within the list : blue, cyan, green, magenta, red, white, yellow)
Line thickness: defines the thickness of the lines that will be used for the product (1 or 2)
Line style: defines the linestyle of the lines that will be drawn for the product

Symbol Description
- Solid line
-- Dashd line
: Dotted line
-. Dashed-Dot Line

Symbol: beside a line, data can be displayed with a symbol

Symbol Description
+ Plus sign
o Circle
* Asterisk
. Point
+ Cross
s Square
d Diamond
^ Upward pointing triangle
v Downward pointing triangle
> Right pointing triangle
< Left pointing triangle
p Five pointed star (pentagram)
h Six pointed star (hexagram)
none no marker

QA threshold available for the different variable. If the QA threshold is set to "none", then the variable is not considered in the validation exercise. Otherwise, the value given by the user determines the QA threshold under which the data is taken into account in the validation exercise. Note that QA possible values are different from one product to another since the algorithms are different. Please, refer to the OLIVE product description page.
Image format: choose the format you require for the figures generated by the validation exercise
(png, pdf, jpeg)

You can add as many products as you want but we advise a maximum of 4 to keep the figures readable. To run a validation exercise, simply click on the corresponding button.