Product Name  OLIVE ID Variable Period Temporal Resolution Spatial Resolution Data Originator
GEOLAND, Version1 GEO_V01_1998_2012


10 days 1/112° EMMAH, INRA
CYCLOPES, V3.1  CYC_V31_1999_2008 LAI,FAPAR,FCOVER 1999-2008 10 days 1/112° EMMAH, INRA
GLOBCARBON  GLO_V01_1998_2004 LAI 1998-2004 1 month 1/112° EMMAH, INRA
Terra MODIS, Collection 5 MOD_C05_2000_2011 LAI,FAPAR 2000-2010 8 days 1km EMMAH, INRA
MGVI, Version 1
FAPAR 2002-2012 10 days 1km EMMAH, INRA

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