ASD FieldSpec3 Spectroradiometer

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FieldSpecĀ® 3 is a field portable, precision radiometer with a spectral range (350- 2500 nm) and rapid data collection (1/10th of a second per spectrum). The wireless connection allows for remote control of data collection up to 50m away. It is designed to collect solar reflectance, radiance and irradiance measurements.

  • 2m FS3 FR Low OH Optical Fiber Cable 
  • Upgrade Panasonic Toughbook 19 
  • ASD FR, Accessories Package A including

- 1 deg NIR/FR Lens Foreoptic w/ radiance radiometric calibration
- 8 deg NIR/FR Lens Foreoptic w/ radiance radiometric calibration
- Radiance radiometric calibration of bare optic fiber input
- ASD diffuser-type Full-Sky Irradiance Remote Cosine Receptor w/irradiance radiometric calibration
- Auxiliary Pistol Grip w/Spotting Scope & Bubble level.
- 25.4x25.4cm calibrated White Spectralon Panel

  • Spectralon, 25.4x25.4cm Cal White
  • Spectralon, Wooden Case for 10 x 10
  • Tripod, Bogen 3011 w/3025 Head
  • Battery, Aux. Panasonic Toughbook 19
  • Aux. Battery, NiMH High Current
  • NiMH Battery Charger

Measurement aims: To perform radiance/reflectance measurements over the selected target  area at different times with various sampling rates to determine the spatial/temporal uniformity and to obtain the radiometric characteristics of the site.

Spectral Resolution: 3 nm @ 700 nm, 10 nm @ 1400/ 2100 nm

Noise Equivalent Radiance (NEdL): 1.4 x 10 -9 W cm-2 nm-1sr-@ 700nm 2.4 x 10 -9 W cm-2 nm-1sr-@ 1400nm 8.8 x 10 -9 W cm-2 nm-1sr-@ 2100nm

Set-up time: Approximately 90 minutes to set-up and 15 minutes to be dismantled. Transportation: Two packages of size 55*46*41 and 79*57*48. They weight totally 47 kg.

Power Requirements: 12VDC NiMh high current rechargeable battery pack is required. It can be used for 4-5 hours. Charging time is 8 hours. [1]


[1] ASD inc. Web Page

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