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(1) measure of the repeatability of a set of measurements. Note that precision is usually expressed as a statistical value based upon a set of repeated measurements such as the standard deviation from the sample mean

(2) closeness of agreement between indications or measured quantity values obtained by replicate measurements on the same or similar objects under specified conditions
NOTE 1 Measurement precision is usually expressed numerically by measures of imprecision, such as standard deviation, variance, or coefficient of variation under the specified conditions of measurement.
NOTE 2 The ‘specified conditions’ can be, for example, repeatability conditions of measurement, intermediate precision conditions of measurement, or reproducibility conditions of measurement (see
ISO 5725-1:1994).
NOTE 3 Measurement precision is used to define measurement repeatability, intermediate measurement precision, and measurement reproducibility.
(3) [community definition not standardised]: For atmospheric correction, used numerically to represent the standard deviation of the differences between measured and calculated quantites


(1) ISO:19116 [RD8]

(2) VIM/ISO:99 [RD18]

(3) from ACIX



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