Sentinel-3 Calibration and Validation Planning Meeting

The Global Monitoring for Environment and Securing (GMES) Sentinel-3 mission will measure sea-surface topography, sea- and land-surface temperature, ocean-colour and land-reflectance's with high-end accuracy and reliability in support of GMES Marine, Land, Emergency and Security services and for environmental and climate monitoring. The Sentinel-3 mission will generate and provide sustained near real-time core-products for GMES as an operational service.  The mission will be operated jointly by ESA for Land products and EUMETSAT for Marine products.

The Sentinel-3 satellite is now being manufactured and expected to launch in late 2013. The Satellite carries improved follow-on instruments to the highly successful ENVISAT platform including:
A Synthetic Aperture RADAR Altimeter (SRAL) providing operational continuity to high-orbit inclination RA-2 altimetry,
An Ocean and Land Colour Imager (OLCI) providing operational continuity to ENVISAT MERIS spectrometer measurements and,
A Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer (SLSTR) providing operational continuity to ENVISAT AATSR visible and thermal infrared measurements.
The use of OLCI and SLSTR instruments in synergy will provide continuity to SPOT Vegetation products.
After launch, a 5-month Mission Commissioning Phase (E1) followed by a Long term Operational Mission Phase (E2) will be initiated.  During E1 intensive activities will establish the functionality and initial performance of the Sentinel-3 system based on calibration and validation activities.  Following a successful commissioning review, the satellite will then continue in nominal operations for Phase E2 supported by on-going calibration and validation activities to monitor and maintain data quality.
This joint ESA-EUMETSAT meeting will present an overview and status of Sentinel-3 calibration and validation activities, review the Draft Sentinel-3 Calibration/Validation Plan (CVP), seek lessons learned feedback and inputs from previous R&D and operational missions, the calibration and validation community and, provide Sentinel-3 teams with prioritized recommendations to ensure an effective and successful mission cal/val outcome.  In particular, emphasis will be given to operational cal/val issues and associated activities.
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