EO Level1 Lessons Learned Workshop

Monday June 10, 2013

Title [Author]  File
 Welcome and Objectives of the meeting [Bojkov - Dehn]  PDF PDF PDF
 Lessons Learned from multi-sensor ECV generation [Loyola]  PDF
 SCIAMACHY/GOME experiences and lessons learned [Snel]  PDF
 Ensuring Traceability of Level 1 optical products [Fox]  PDF
 In-Flight lessons from MERIS and prelaunch calibration of OLCI [Bourg]  PDF
 Lessons learned from (A)ATSR and prelaunch calibration of SLSTR [Smith]  PDF

Tuesday June 11, 2013

 Title [Author]  File
 Multi Sensor Vicarious Calibration Activities at CNES [Henry] PDF1 - PDF2
 Experiences with spectral calibration [Fischer] PDF
 Instrument Pointing Issues on Envisat [Bramstedt] PDF
 MetOp GOME-2 lessons learned [Lang] PDF
 OMI and TropOMI leassons learned [Kleipool] PDF
 GOMOS Pointing Accuracy - Leasson Learnt [Barrot] PDF